Serving the Double Evacuees of Washi (2011) and Bopha (2012)


Eleven months and 19 days after Washi (Sendong) brought death and devastation to our city, a more than twice stronger superstorm Bopha (local name: Pablo) slammed into our island (Mindanao) yesterday (Tuesday, December 4) with 210-kilometer (130-mile) per hour gusts, forcing 87,000 people to seek refuge in emergency shelters. The death toll is now 238 with hundreds missing.

3All the 200+ families at the temporary shelter site in Silver Creek were evacuated in covered basketball courts and other emergency shelters. We helped provide free transportation for them. They are back in their temporary shelters (therefore the smiles), but with rain continuing to pour, we are sure that they are struggling once again with fear and trauma.


Please remember to pray for these precious souls. Ask the Lord to continue to strengthen us and sustain our efforts to share God’s love to flood victims in word and in deed. May the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of many and plant Christ’s church among them.

To view more pictures, please visit:

Love and blessings to all,

Rev. Glimar “Glem” Melo


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