2nd ‘Pablo’ Outreach


By Pastor Glem Melo

1Mercifully, as always, God blessed and prospered our 2nd missionary outreach to victims-survivors of killer superstorm ‘Pablo’ in Compostela Valley and Davao del Norte.


On February 24, we visited and ministered to our evangelical brothers and sisters in worst-hit Andap, New Bataan, Compostela Valley. Their homes were totally washed out by the super typhoon. They constitute more than 30 of 128 families that live in tents in the local school vicinity.

  1. IMG_6477In the morning, I was privileged to encourage and strengthen them with God’s word during their inter-church service. The public classroom was filled to capacity, with many sitting and standing outside for worship, the preaching and prayer.
  2. In the afternoon, our team visited the families of the 5 pastors in their tents. We spent time listening to their stories and encouraging them with God’s word.
  3. ???????????????????????????????After the visitation and fellowship, we proceeded to conduct a short seminar on Gospel Ministry in Emergencies. Thirteen (13) pastors and  more than 10 members from the different churches in Andap were equipped to keep their main focus on reflecting and sharing Christ even as they continue to suffer and live with non-believers in their tent city.


???????????????????????????????In the evening, our team went to visit the Power of Faith Church in Compostela town, Compostela Valley province. Their small worship center was filled to capacity with more than 60 worshippers. Once again, I was privileged to preach God’s word to those present. The liberating and edifying gospel of complete redemption and security in Christ was clearly proclaimed to the hearers. The call to repent and believe and to bear fruits of obedience and service for God’s glory and kingdom was powerfully declared.


Then last February 25 and 26, we conducted our very first 2-day modular Bible Training class in southern Mindanao. The 12-hour introductory lectures on Biblical Theology and Ministry were attended by 24 pastors and leaders — 19 from Davao del Norte and 5 from Compostela Valley.

It was clear that the trainees received much blessing, renewal, encouragement, edification and instruction for life, family and ministry, especially on the centrality of the preaching of the gospel of Christ’s life, death and resurrection and the Bible’s teachings on covenant living. Because of this, it was unanimously agreed upon at the end of the last session that part 2 of our training class be conducted on April 29 and 30.

???????????????????????????????PRAYER REQUEST

  1. Please pray for the pastors and workers in Compostela Valley and Davao del Norte. May the Lord continue to sanctify and equip them to serve our suffering kababayans in their respective areas.
  2. Please pray for the planned part 2 of our Bible Training Program in barangay Andap and Tagum City. May the Lord continue to bless and make the preaching and teaching of His word fruitful and successful in advancing the great commission among ‘Pablo’ victims-survivors.

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