North-to-South Nationwide Bible Training and Mission Tour


A Mission Report by Pastor Glem Melo

By God’s grace, our Bible Training Program expanded once again in three (3) cities/municipalities. From April 16 to May 3, I had the privilege of “planting” a BTP class in the following provinces:

  1. Isabela
  2. Pampanga
  3. Bulacan

???????????????????????????????BIBLE STUDIES IN ISABELA

In my hometown of Alicia, my mom (Lita Melo) organized home Bible studies in 2 communities (barangays). All the seventeen (17) attendees were members of the Roman Catholic Church. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would raise-up missionaries and church planters who will faithfully preach God’s word and love to my fellow Isabelinos.

???????????????????????????????BIBLE TRAINING 1-A

Then on April 18, I was privileged to conduct the very first whole-day modular BT class in my hometown. Eleven (11) leaders and members of the local congregation of Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) searched and studied God’s word with me. Please pray that the Lord will open the door for part 2 of the training class, where I hope to expound to them the message of God’s gospel and covenant in Genesis 2-3.

???????????????????????????????BIBLE TRAINING 1 IN BULACAN

Last April 22 and 23, the Lord blessed us with the very first 2-day modular BT class for pastors and workers in Bulacan. All twenty six (26) trainees enjoyed and received much enlightenment, comfort and strength from the expositions of Genesis 1-5. Please pray that the Lord would open the door for part 2 of the training in July.


In Pampanga (my dad’s home province), the Lord gave me the opportunity and privilege of preaching His word to two (2) congregations: the “Great I Am” Church in the City of San Fernando and the one in the municipality of Betis. I preached on Genesis 1-3 and 2:1-3, with the theme “The Ways of Our God in Creation and Salvation.”

3Then last April 25 and 26, during their 2-night Bible Conference, I preached on the Gospel and Covenant in Genesis 1-3. More than 55 leaders and members of the “Great I Am” churches attended the conference. They received much comfort, spiritual nourishment and edification as they learned about the graciousness and faithfulness of God as taught in the first 3 chapters of the Bible.

4There are so much more riches in God’s word for these precious brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray that the Lord would open doors for more teaching and training there in the future.


Our very first BT class in Tagum City last February was attended by by 24 pastors and workers — 19 from Davao del Norte and 5 from Compostela Valley. Last April 29 and 30, we only had 12 students in part 2 of our BT course. But that is not bad at all.

???????????????????????????????Intentionally, we excluded students from Compostela Valley. This is because, in our dialogs and consultations, we realized that it would be best to conduct separate classes in the valley. As for the 7 pastors and workers in Davao del Norte who did not attend, we see God’s good and sovereign hand even in this seemingly negative development. The remaining 12 students were truly hungry and sincere in studying God’s word. The
2-day class, which focused on God’s gracious covenant with us and how to preach Christ from Genesis to Revelation, was truly enlightening, enriching and edifying to all.

Part 3 is scheduled on the last week of August. In that modular class, we will study Matthew.


Last May 2, I was privileged to preach God’s word and herald His call to faith and its fruit of holiness and obedience to evangelical pastors and workers in New Bataan, Compostela Valley. As they continue to deal with the effects of supertyphoon ‘Pablo’ in its aftermath, their faith is severely tested.

0After the preaching, we distributed relief goods to all the pastors and workers. In a small way, we sought to demonstrate to them God’s covenant care for His people.

Please pray for our plan to launch a  Bible Training Program for 15 key pastors in the area. More than anything, they need the richness and purity of God’s word.



After the meeting in New Bataan, we went on our 3rd visit to our evangelical brothers and sisters whose homes were totally washed out by superstorm ‘Pablo’ and who have been living in makeshift tents in Andap for more than 5 months now. As before, we spent time listening to them and comforting them with God’s word. We also distributed soaps, toothpastes and clothes for the families, and vitamins for the little ones.


Please pray for our plan to conduct part 2 of our Gospel Seminar in Andap in the last week of August.

???????????????????????????????FIRST VISIT TO A MANOBO MOUNTAIN TRIBE

The next day, May 3, we visited a Manobo mountain tribe community in Davao del Norte. I was privileged to preach the gospel to their chieftain, his family and village dwellers. God’s word in Acts 17:22-31 had such a powerful message for them. I pray that the Lord will use the preaching of the gospel in the evangelical congregation in the area (pastored by one of our BT students) “to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God” (Acts 26:18). I desire to visit and minister to them again someday, as the Lord opens the way and provides.

???????????????????????????????Pray for the cause of Christ in our nation. Many pastors and workers are in need of training in the ministry. God willing and providing, we are committed to fill that need.

In this regard, we encourage you to pray and consider making a financial contribution to our mission. To continue training pastors and workers for the reformation of churches and the planting of new congregations, we need your help and support.

For giving information, please visit


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