Philippine-wide Mission Advances

In contexts of pain and suffering, congregations of Christ are taught, trained and reformed by His word and Holy Spirit. And where they are needed, new, Christ-centered, Gospel-rooted churches are planted. Please continue praying for our mission.

Open Eyes Mission

By Pastor Glem Melo

Aside from conducting our very first Sunday school and worship service in Iligan, we also rejoice at the fruitfulness that the Lord has blessed our team with throughout our Philippine-wide Bible Training seminars and outreaches last month. By God’s grace and strength alone, we conducted seminars and other ministry activities in 6 cities and towns. Rev. Phil DeHart and his wife barb of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) was with us.

Seminar in Iligan
Seminar in Iligan

In Iligan, since November 22, 2014, I have been conducting classes on the Basics of the Christian Faith and the Covenants of the Bible. Therefore, Pastor Phil had all the whole 8 hours of the seminar in Iligan to teach on Union with Christ. For the final 5 hours of our 3rd day there, we all toured the famous Maria Cristina Falls and the new Paseo de Iligan. What a great blessing it was for the brothers and sisters to hear and receive the teachings, and…

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