Nurturing New Church Plants in the Philippines

“Please remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Iligan, Antique and Malolos. May the Holy Spirit continue to comfort, nurture and mold them in faith, life, worship and ministry.” – Pastor Glem Melo

Open Eyes Mission

Worship Service in Iligan
Worship Service in Iligan

By Pastor Glem Melo

Church PlantsThree weeks ago, my family and I went on a Bible Training and ministry trip to three (3) mission congregations.  Pastor Phil, our adviser at our denomination Presbyterian Church in America’s foreign missions committee, Mission To The World (MTW), was with us. He reports,

It was good for me that Glem’s family was included in most of the itinerary.  In the Antique trip only his daughter, Giona, joined us.  Glem has developed the habit of doing things as a family and it is important to model Christian family life. It turned out that family relationships became a major theme for our various visits as well as reflection on Presbyterian polity.

Seminar in Malolos
Church Government Seminar in Malolos

Malolos The congregation in Malolos is the newest of the three. Having embraced reformed theology and church government through Bible Training classes that I have been privileged to conduct…

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