About New Hope



Because Jesus died and rose again.

We are a community of grace and hope, who believe in and live for Jesus Christ. As brothers and sisters in Him, we worship God, do life together, and endeavor to serve hurting families and individuals in our city and all over the world.

The Bible teaches that God is real, we are sinful, hell is real, and Jesus is our only hope of salvation.

img_3802“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

We believe these truths with all of my heart, and we hope to help others learn of them as well. If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us:

18361023_10213654204774505_1186127972_nNew Hope
2545 W Summerdale Ave #2W
Chicago, IL 60625
Tel. No. (219) 629-4485



6 thoughts on “About New Hope

  1. Praise be to GOD–to see a reformed congregation being mulitplied in the Philippines! By chance, is there a reformed congregation in Butuan City?

    1. Hi, Bro. James. Thank you for your encouraging words. We do not know of any reformed congregation in Butuan City. Please join us in praying that the Lord would raise up more reformed church planters here in the Philippines.


      Pastor Glem

  2. God bless you, and your work in the Philippines.

    Where are your church plants, missions located? Are you a member of a conservative reformed Association, the World Reformed Fellowship for example?

    1. Thank you, John.

      Our church and mission posts are in Cagayan de Oro, southern Philippines (reformedchurches.net/churches). We also conduct theological training classes in 7 cities/towns (openeyesmission.org/2013/03/22/training-expands-in-7-citiestowns).

      We hope to apply for membership with the International Conference of Reformed Churches (www.ICRConline.com) someday. Presently, we are in contact with ministers and office-bearers of the Canadian Reformed Churches (CANRC.org), the Free Reformed Churches of Australia (FRCA.org.au), United Reformed Churches in North America (urcna.org) and the Presbyterian Church in America (PCAnet.org). We also hope to establish contact with ministers and office-bearers of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC.org).

      Please tell us also about your church. What congregation are you a part of? You can e-mail me at kreformed@gmail.com

      Please remember to pray for us.

      Rev. Glem Melo

  3. Dear Brothers in the Philippines

    When I came to Hungary I started to attend the Hungarian Reformed Church, this is a national historic denomination founded in the 1560s, and comprises about 20% of the population in Hungary, it has 2 million adherents and subscribes the Second Helvetic Confession and the Heidelberg Catechism. It srongly resisted the counter-reformation and grew even stronger.But it becomes too liberal, ordains women to the ministry, membership is nominal, the church is ecumenical minded, it worships often with the unitarian and catholics, who wanted to destroy the church and recatholise or kill the Reformed people. In this country or whole Europe would need a second Reformation another John Calvin and even more good Reformed Presbyterian denominations.

    Hungary become a secolar state just like western Europe. I hope in your country in the Philippines and in the USA the Presbyterian and Reformed faith will revive.

    Greetings from Hungary

    John Webber

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