Pastor Glem Melo pioneered Open Eyes Mission in 1998. He also planted Vision Center for World Harvest, an independent charismatic church, in their home in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines, on January 9, 2000. By the grace of God, he started studying Reformed Theology on August 9, 2007. Gradually, the whole church came to fully subscribe to the Reformed confessions, known as the Three Forms of Unity (TFU). In need of accountability and close fellowship with like-minded churches, a formal application for affiliation/membership was submitted to the United Covenant Reformed Church in the Philippines or UCRCP (now called Pearl of the Orient Covenant Presbyterian Church) on October 13, 2009. But due to differences in some doctrines, practices and polity, it was unanimously decided during a congregational meeting on May 9, 2010, that the application for affiliation be withdrawn. During that meeting, the congregation’s name was changed to Kagay-an Reformed Church (KRC).

With the help of Rev. Nollie Malabuyo of the United Reformed Churches in North America, the church was instituted on August 29, 2010. And having been honorably dismissed by the consistory of UCRCP Davao, Rev. Melo was accepted as member and installed as an elder of KRC on September 17, 2010. (Rev. Malabuyo officiated this as well.)

In 2013, Pastor Glem started studying the Westminster Standards and Presbyterian Church Government. During his 1-month research visit at Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, Indiana, in May of 2014, he studied Herman Bavinck’s Covenant Theology and Soteriology, talked to seminary’s president and doctrinal studies professor Dr. Cornelis Venema and others about it, and grew to love Post-Reformation and Westminsterian Dogmatics. In June and July of the same year, he focused on studying Presbyterianism through visits to churches and meetings with ministers of both the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) and the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). At the end of the visit, under the auspices of the Potomac Presbytery of the PCA, an international oversight committee was formed to supervise Pastor Glem and Open Eyes Mission. In February of 2015, he became 100% presbyterian in doctrine and polity. And on May 24 of the same year, he was received as a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie (RPCBowie.org), and therefore of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCAnet.org), the denomination that RPCB is affiliated to.

Sadly, on February 2015, the consistory of KRC disintegrated and decided amicably to close the church. With the unanimous agreement of the international oversight committee and a PCA mission adviser, Pastor Glem formalized the closure of KRC after the worship service on the Lord’s Day of July 5, the same year.

Thankfully, Open Eyes Mission’s seminars and outreaches resulted in the formation of new Presbyterian mission congregations in Iligan, Antique and Malolos. Lord willing, in partnership with the PCA, they will be organized as local churches and form a new reformed and presbyterian denomination.


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